Percy The Small Engine: A Great Gift For Children

Percy The Small Engine: A Great Gift For Children

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a younger model railroader, you’re not exactly short of options!

At the same time, more choice isn’t always a good thing, especially if you find yourself looking at 10 different trains and want to make sure to buy the one that the lucky recipient will like best.

Still, it’s hard to go wrong with the Thomas & Friends kit.

Let’s explore why one of Thomas the Train’s friends, Percy the Small Engine, is an excellent gift for children.

Who Is Percy The Small Engine?

Percy the Engine is a saddle tank locomotive, but most importantly, he’s Thomas the Tank Engine’s best friend.

As one of the franchise’s main characters, Percy is also part of the Thomas & Friends Steam Team, alongside Thomas the Train himself, Gordon, James, Emily, Nia, and Rebecca.

Percy is a cheeky, playful engine who is one of the youngest on the Isle of Sodor. He works on Thomas’ Branch Line as a goods engine, but pulling the Mail Train is his favorite job.

In terms of appearance, Percy the Engine is a beautiful apple green with red and yellow lining, and he sports the number six.

Why Percy The Small Engine Makes A Great Gift For Kids

He’s Part Of A Brand That Kids Love

You can’t really go wrong when buying a Thomas the Train inspired gift.

Kids love Thomas & Friends! And if you happen to be buying for someone who has never watched Thomas & Friends before, we can all relate to knowing how quick and easy it is to fall in love with it! On top of that, there’s no hard and fast rule that says a new Thomas & Friends collection has to start with Thomas the Train. Everyone has their favorite friend, and Percy is one of the most popular members of the Isle of Sodor gang!

He’s Relatable To Kids Who Watch Thomas & Friends

One of the most significant reasons Thomas & Friends has endured for so many years and remains popular today is how relatable all the characters are. All the engines have distinct personality traits, and Percy the Engine certainly stands out from the crowd in that regard!

Percy brings a youthful, infectious eagerness to everything he does. At times, Percy’s willingness to prove himself while having fun can cross over into mischief. Still, his cheeky side means this is always done playfully, with a desire to have fun at the center of everything he does. Of course, Percy sometimes gets into trouble, but that’s where his friends show their own positive personality traits by coming along to help him out.

Most kids have at least some of Percy’s attributes, making him such a great friend and gift choice!

He’s A Wonderful Role Model

Above all else, and on top of Percy’s personality traits, he is a wonderful role model for children who watch the show.

Percy the Engine is known for being a brave, kind engine who isn’t afraid to involve himself with the other trains even though they’re bigger and older than he is.

Percy is unfailingly loyal, always trying his best, and isn’t disheartened if something goes wrong. He might need some help in the end, but he’ll keep trying to do something until it’s done and always wants to prove just how good he can be.

These are all values every parent tries to instill into their kids. What better inspiration and role model for a young person than Percy himself?

He Doesn’t Need To Be Steaming Around the Isle of Sodor or Tidmouth Sheds To Have Fun

While Percy is at home pulling the Mail Train around the Isle of Sodor before heading back to Tidmouth Sheds to see his friends, he can have fun anywhere.

Even if the person you’re buying the gift for doesn’t have a Thomas & Friends inspired layout, Percy will still look amazing and be a brilliant addition wherever he ends up. Percy is so playful that he’ll even have fun pulling carriages that aren’t part of the Thomas & Friends range!

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