Top Holiday Gifts For Model Train Enthusiasts

Top Holiday Gifts For Model Train Enthusiasts

The holidays are almost upon us, which means it’s time to scratch our heads and think about what the perfect gifts for our loved ones look like.

If you’re looking to buy gifts for model train lovers, we’re here to take the head-scratching out of the equation.

Here are five great gifts for model train enthusiasts.

1. Bachmann N 24028 Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Train Set

If you’re buying for a youngster who has shown an affection for model trains but hasn’t yet started their journey through this hobby, a Thomas and Friends set is a wonderful place to start.

Our N scale Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Train Set is always popular during the holidays and is loved by children worldwide.

The Bachmann train set includes:

  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Annie coach with knuckle couplers
  • Clarabel coach with knuckle couplers
  • 24″ circle of nickel silver E-Z Track including 11 pieces of curved track and 1 curved plug-in terminal rerailer
  • Power pack and speed controller
  • Illustrated instruction manual

2. Lionel HO Santa Fe Cajon Flyer Train Set

Not every young beginner railroad will want a Thomas the Train set, and not every beginner railroader will be a child, either! That’s where our extensive range of other incredible train sets comes into play.

Here at Model Train Stuff, we have a train set to suit every interest and budget. If you need model train gift ideas to spark your shopping inspiration, our Santa Fe Cajon Flyer Train Set from Lionel is a great choice. It’s not at the top end of the scale in budget terms. It evokes memories of the historic Santa Fe railroad if you’re buying for a novice railroader that you know is interested in the railway’s history. It ticks boxes whoever you’re buying it for!

If that isn’t enough to convince you, view the product page here to check out what’s in the box and the impressive list of features for the locomotive and carriages.

3. Locomotive Rollers

In many respects, it’s much easier to buy model train gifts for a beginner railroader than it is for an experienced one.

How do you know what to buy? What if the railroading gift you buy isn’t helpful? Does the person you’re buying for actually need anything for their model train collection?

Thankfully, you have plenty of options here, and no, you don’t need to play it safe by opting for a display case, although we do have those too!

Instead, check out these locomotive rollers.

Advanced railroaders use these to test and tune up their locomotive trains. They are also great for identifying and fixing any performance issues.

There are a couple of extra benefits to using locomotive rollers, too.

First, due to the complexities of some train layouts, many model railroaders never actually get to run their locomotives at full power. This train accessory allows model railroad enthusiasts to do just that and unleash the full potential of their units without worrying about derailing and the subsequent damage.

Second, locomotive rollers can be great for just sitting locomotives on to do detailed work, like customizations or paint repairs.

It is one of the best gifts for model train lovers and the type of thing even an advanced railroader might not realize they need until they actually own it.

4. Lionel Legacy GP30 Diesel Locomotive, Soo Line

This gift idea is a little more demanding in terms of budget. Still, it’s another excellent option for railroaders at all stages of their journey through the hobby.

For advanced railroaders, it’s a stylish locomotive Lionel train loaded with features that will look amazing in their train layout.

For history lovers, it’s an iconic model from Electro-Motive Diesel that has been around since the 1960s and can still be seen working on the Soo Line across the Northern Midwest today.

For new railroaders, it’s an iconic statement piece that’s a wonderful way to start a collection. These characteristics mean it’s ideal as a retirement, birthday, or holiday gift.

Loaded with features, the Lionel Legacy GP30 Diesel Locomotive is a simply stunning gift buy for O scale railroaders.

5. Kato N EMD E5A, Chicago Burlington and Quincy “Silver Pilot”

Last but by no means least, we come to the incredible Kato N scale Silver Pilot locomotive.

Don’t let the fact it’s much lighter on your bank balance fool you; this is an excellent Kato locomotive train that anyone would love to pull out of a stocking.

Similar to our previous suggestion, the features and heritage of this N scale train make it an ideal gift for all model railroad enthusiasts, while the product itself is easily customizable to fit any layout and the number of carriages it wants to pull.

What Gifts For Model Train Enthusiasts Are Catching Your Eye this Year?

If the items we’ve listed aren’t for you, then don’t worry. At Model Train Stuff, we have gifts for model train lovers that fit every skill level and budget!

Check out these gifts for beginners and gifts for advanced railroaders, or simply browse our website to find the perfect model train gift ideas for your loved one this holiday season.

Don’t forget to get a photo on Christmas Day and tag us on Instagram showing your gift in action!

Happy Holidays!