Top 5 Bachmann Train Sets to Get Started in Model Railroading

Founded in Philadelphia in 1833, Bachmann is one of the world’s oldest hobby manufactures. With more than 60 years of experience in the model train industry alone, they are also one of the most popular. Today Bachmann maintains a presence in the UK, Europe, and China in addition to the US, with one of the largest and most diverse product lines in the hobby. For those looking to begin their model railroading journey, Bachmann is a leading manufacturer of ready to run train sets in HO and N scale. In this article, we’re exploring our top 5 picks for those ready to get started in the hobby! 

Bachmann HO 00743 McKinley Explorer Set (Modern Version)

Bachmann HO 00743 McKinley Explorer Set (Modern Version)

The Alaska Railroad is one of North America’s most unique and dramatic mainline railroads, traversing the vast and remote Alaskan wilderness through mountain passes and sweeping valleys. With this set, featuring the iconic full dome passenger cars used on the route, you can bring the spirit of the Alaska Railroad home in N scale! For a more authentic Alaskan experience, you can also add pre-made tunnels and mountains to even the most basic initial setup! 

In the box, you’ll find:

  • EMD GP40 locomotive with directional headlights.
  • Two 89′ Colorado Railcar full-dome passenger cars (the Knik and Kenai, both named after Alaskan Rivers).
  • 63″ x 45″ oval of snap-fit E-Z Track including 16 pieces of 22″ radius curved track, 3 pieces straight track, and 1 curved plug-in terminal rerailer.
  • Power pack and speed controller.
  • Illustrated instruction manual.

Bachmann HO Thunder Chief Train Set, Santa Fe

Bachmann HO 00826 Santa Fe Thunder Chief Train Set 56 x 38 model train track layout

A classic Santa Fe set just like the one your dad probably had as a kid, the Thunder Chief has everything you need to bring your railroad to life! Featuring the iconic EMD F7 locomotive, this set is one of just a handful of ready to run sets featuring DCC and sound onboard! With the included E-Z Command Control Center, you can not only control the direction and movement of this sleek freight, but also the onboard sounds, including an authentic prime mover and realistic horn and bell – all played out in 16 bit polyphonic clarity! 

In the box, you’ll find:

  • DCC Sound-equipped F7-A Diesel Locomotive
  • 40′ Boxcar
  • Three-dome Tank Car
  • Off-center Caboose
  • E-Z Command Control Center with Wall Pack and Plug-in Wiring
  • Body-mounted E-Z Mate Couplers
  • 56″ x 38″ Oval of Snap-fit Nickel Silver E-Z Track including 12 Pieces of Curved Track, 3 Pieces of Straight Track, and 1 Plug-in Terminal Rerailer

Bachmann N 24027 Merry Christmas Express Train Set

Bachmann N 24027 Merry Christmas Express Train Set 24" round model train track layout

As the holiday season approaches, you might be looking to add a train to your Christmas decor. The N scale Merry Christmas Express set is a great budget friendly set, and will provide a festive addition to your collection. With the included Bachmann EZ-track in the box, you’ll have enough track to circle your Christmas tree or add to an existing configuration.

In the box, you’ll find:

  • USRA 0-6-0 locomotive with tender.
  • Box car.
  • Hopper.
  • Bobber caboose.
  • 24″ circle of nickel silver E-Z Track, including 11 pieces of curved track and 1 curved plug-in terminal rerailer.
  • Power pack and speed controller.
  • Illustrated instruction manual.

Bachmann HO 01502 Blue Star with E-Z App Wireless Control

You’ve heard of DCC control. Now prepare to meet the next evolution of model train control – wireless Bluetooth railroading! The Blue Star merges the timeless appeal of the steam era with the latest in model railroad control technology! From the comfort of your Apple or Android phone or tablet, you can control everything from speed, direction, and even sound effects on the 2-6-0 steam locomotive included in this set. All you need is a bluetooth equipped device! 

In the box, you’ll find:

  • E-Z App-equipped Alco 2-6-0 steam locomotive with wireless control and operating headlight
  • Old-time tank car
  • Old-time gondola
  • Old-time combine
  • 56″ x 38″ oval of snap-fit nickel silver E-Z Track including 12 pieces of curved track, 3 pieces of straight track, 1 plug-in terminal rerailer, and wall power pack
  • Illustrated instructions

Bachmann Durango and Silverton Train Set in HO or N Scale

Bachmann Durango and Silverton Train Set in HO or N Scale HO Scale 47 x 38 model train track layout and N Scale 34x24 model train track layout

The Durango and Silverton is one of the oldest and most famous scenic rail lines in the United States. Climbing through the heart of the Colorado Rockies amid stunning scenery and along perilous cliffs, it’s easy to understand why this line earned the title of one of the most scenic railroads in the world by MSN in 2019! With this set, you can bring the Durango and Silverton to the canyons and mountains of your house! Featuring a classic 2-8-0 or 0-6-0 steam locomotive, this set includes everything you need to get started, from appropriate vintage passenger cars, to a generous oval of E-Z track. Even better – this set is available in either HO or N scale!  

In the HO box, you’ll find:

  •  2-8-0 locomotive and tender with operating headlight
  • open excursion car
  • old-time combine
  • old-time coach
  • 47″ x 38″ oval of E-Z Track, including 12 pieces curved track, 1 piece straight track, and 1 plug-in terminal rerailer
  • Power pack and speed controller
  • Illustrated instruction manual

In the N Scale box, you’ll find:

  • 0-6-0 Steam Loco with Tender
  • Old-time Combine
  • 2 Old-time Coaches
  • 34″ X 24″ Oval of Nickel Silver E-Z Track 11 Curved, 4 Straight, And 1 Curved Plug-in Terminal Rerailer
  • Power Pack / Speed Controller
  • Illustrated Instruction Manual

Don’t wait any longer! Start your model railroad journey with Bachmann at Model Train Stuff today.