Second Section – Trains of the Summer

Our theme this month includes the legend “second section”. Seasoned railroaders know that symbolized traffic that was so heavy that another section of a schedule train was required to handle crowds. Those crowds normally peaked during traditional holidays but became more a part of “standard operations” during summer months.  Railroads themselves started early on promotions …

2020: Model Railroading Year in Review

New highly anticipated products were released, and with most of us spending more time at home, many of our hobby projects that had been put off were completed or expanded, and some even used this time to discover model railroading for the very first time.

Our Top Holiday Themed Items for 2020

Although model railroads are a year-round hobby, there’s just something about the holiday season that seems synonymous with the hobby. Perhaps it’s those childhood memories of unwrapping your first train set at Christmas? Maybe it’s a recollection of the massive layouts assembled each year in major department stores? If you’re from Maryland like us, perhaps …

Top 5 Bachmann Train Sets to Get Started in Model Railroading

Founded in Philadelphia in 1833, Bachmann is one of the world’s oldest hobby manufactures. With more than 60 years of experience in the model train industry alone, they are also one of the most popular. Today Bachmann maintains a presence in the UK, Europe, and China in addition to the US, with one of the …

Modeling Streetcar Systems

Streetcars can be a great addition to any layout, whether featured as a major component, or as an element of interest in a larger scene. In this article, we’re going to look at the hallmarks of North American streetcar systems, and how to incorporate them into your layout.