Using the New Woodland Scenics Field System


Thanks to Woodland Scenics, gone are the days of just using powdered turf to replicate all types of natural scenery. With the new Field System, you can effectively model fields, meadows, pastures, and more with incredible 3D realism. In this post, we’ll explore everything available in this new range of products.

Static Grass Range

Static Grass is a special material designed to replicate tall grass and weeds. It can be modeled in widespread areas to produce vast plains or fields, or in small clumps to replicate weeds and brush. Using a static applicator, the strands will adhere to the specially produced Static Tac Glue when painted onto the layout surface, and will stand up on end, giving the long grass effect. It’s a quick and easy method for adding a new height of realism to your layout’s natural appearance and will work effectively in almost any location, including between the rails to give your tracks a lightly used appearance.

In this new selection, three shades of green from light to dark are available, as well as straw yellow. All shades come available in four sizes from 2mm to 12mm, allowing for an appropriate appearance for varying locations, or on layouts of different scales from N to O. Static Applicators and Static Tac Glue are also available in this release, providing all that you need to get started.

Plant Hues and Flowers

Make more than just grass out of your Static Grass with the new accompanying range of Plant Hues and Flowers. These will adhere to your Static Grass once applied, and depending on the product, will transform your grass strands into weeds, flowers, or reeds. Once your grass has settled and dried, you can use the Spray Tac adhesive to prep your fields for hue and flower application by applying a light coat over the intended area. When completed, the specially designed Accent Shaker can be used to apply the intended colors to the grass.

Plant Hues and Flowers come in several color and texture variations including Golden, Wheat, Shadow Green, and Red Switch, and will look great when applied to all sizes of Static Grass, no matter your scale.

Briar Patch

Coming in two natural color shades, Briar Patch is perfect for modeling larger and thicker clumps of vegetation such as thickets and shrubs. These can be applied using most types of scenic glue material including the Static Tac used for applying your Static Grass.

Briar Patch comes in one size in either Medium Green or Dry Brown, and will fit naturally into scenes of all scales.

Static Grass Starter Kit

The Static Grass Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started in creating realistic 3D scenery for your layout. Coming with two shades of green grass in 4mm and 7mm sizes, a Static Applicator, Static Tac, and sieves, this is a great tool for trying out or practicing your skills in Static Grass application.

All of these new Woodland Scenics products can be found right here at, along with a wide range of trees, bushes, readily produced plants, turf materials, and more to aid in your construction of realistic, natural looking model railroad scenes!

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