Top 5 Model Train Buildings and Structures to Include in Your Layout

Many elements combine to bring our model train layouts to life.

There are hours of fun to be had while building our own model train structures in our chosen scale, whether building from scratch or buying ready-built products.

The beauty of choosing model train structures and buildings is the sheer variety of what you’ll find, in terms of both the types of buildings and the scales in which they’re available.

Here are our five favorites and their key features.

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1.     Woodland Scenics Built & Ready Miss Molly’s Diner

As you’re about to see, one of the best things about Woodland Scenics products is that they produce the same product in various scales. You’re less likely to experience the disappointment of finding something you love but in a different scale to your layout.

Which brings us nicely to Miss Molly’s Diner!

This incredible structure is hand-painted and authentically weathered for added realism, with additional features including:

  • Detached sign, menu board, and other details for custom placement around your layout
  • Printed interior with booths, kitchen, and other diner features
  • Pre-installed interior and exterior LED lighting, ready for use with Just Plug Lighting

Buy Miss Molly’s Diner in O scale, HO scale, or N scale.

2.     Woodland Scenics Built & Ready Carver’s Butcher Shoppe

Whether you’re looking for something different from Miss Molly’s Diner or need another Woodland Scenics structure for passengers at another stop on your layout, Carver’s Butcher Shoppe ensures your layout’s residents and visitors can always buy the finest cuts of meat!

As with Miss Molly’s Diner, the level of detail on this piece is stunning, including peeling paint and worn cedar shake shingles on its roof.

Additional features include:

  • 3D meat counter offering shoppers a selection of the finest products
  • Hanging meats inside the loading dock door
  • Signage
  • Exterior stairs
  • Water hose
  • Entryway porch
  • LED lighting ready for use with Just Plug Lighting

Buy Carver’s Butcher Shoppe in O scale, HO scale, or N scale.

3.     Woodland Scenics Built & Ready Trailers

Whether you’re building an urban landscape or something more rural, trailers can be an excellent addition to your layout.

Woodland Scenics has two excellent choices on this front. Their Double Decker Trailer and Sunny Days Trailer come with exceptionally detailed features, including weathering, signage, internal and external fixtures, and accessories.

Buy the Double Decker Trailer in O scale, HO scale, or N scale.

Buy the Sunny Days Trailer in O scale, HO scale, or N scale.

4.     Walthers Cornerstone HO Bridge Kit

Wherever you are in your journey as a model railroader, adding bridges to your layout is a fantastic way to add different levels to your landscape and often goes hand-in-hand with introducing other features like water or mountains.

While there is a vast range of bridges to choose from in our range, the very best ones are those that add something else to your layout.

That’s precisely what this Walthers Cornerstone HO scale Bridge Kit brings – opening up to let ships past as your layout’s waterways are just as busy as its railroads!

In addition to an incredibly detailed design that captures all the elements of the bridge’s steelwork, this product:

  • Features authentic trusses, chords, counterweight, and other details you’d see on any real-life bridge operating in this way
  • Comes with the bridge’s tender shanty and interlocking tower
  • Is molded in two colors and clear plastic

A product to genuinely bring your layout to life – and make visitors who come to your house to view your railroad go “wow!”

Buy this bridge kit here.

5.     PIKO Factory Kits

If you’re not sure about creating buildings from scratch but don’t necessarily want to buy structures ready to go, PIKO kits are perfect for you. These kits come with all the parts to make an incredible finished structure, but you’ll need to put them together yourself. You then have the freedom to place it wherever you wish on your layout or use paint kits to create your own customizations.

While PIKO produces a range of buildings in different scales, its factory kits are among our favorites.

Check out the N scale Furniture Factory Kit and this HO scale Glass Factory Kit.

What buildings will you buy?

What we’ve featured here is just a snapshot of the fantastic scale model buildings and structures that we have available from all of your favorite model railroading brands.

Discover the full range of buildings and structures available in various scales, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram once you add your purchases to your layout!

Happy railroading!