Preparing Your Halloween Railroad with Model Train Stuff

Spooky season is here!

Whether you’re a model railroader who always updates your layout with the seasons or a massive fan of Halloween, this time of the year is excellent for adding something different to your model railroad scene.

Here are six essential products that will bring your scene to life, whether you’re opting for a fall or Halloween railroad.

  1. Lionel O 2123060 Hallow’s Eve Limited LionChief Set

Lionel O 2123060 Hallow's Eve Limited LionChief Set

What better way to scream Halloween than with a train set from Lionel? This is an excellent buy if you’re looking to embrace spooky season in your layout for the first time. Alternatively, it’s ideal as a first set if you’re buying a gift for a Halloween enthusiast who prefers this time of year to the holidays.

This modern train set looks simply “spooktacular,” in stunning dark grey and orange with additional detailing that leaves you under no illusions about the theme. If you have the LionChief app, you can even record or live stream your own train announcements! Just have Thriller or something similarly spooky ready to go on YouTube if your best voice isn’t scary enough!

In the box, you get:

  • Hallow’s Eve Limited Steam Locomotive and tender
  • Hallow’s Eve Illuminated boxcar
  • Hallow’s Eve Triple-dome tank car
  • Hallow’s Eve Caboose
  • Eight pieces of O36 curved FasTrack
  • Two FasTrack 10″ straight track sections
  • One LionChief FasTrack Terminal section
  • One Plug-Expand-Play Power Lock-on section
  • Wall-pack power supply
  • LionChief remote for locomotive

One railroader who already bought this train set, John P, described it as “Something different…nicely made and appears to assemble easily.”

2. Lionel O 2135060 TMCC Speeder, Halloween

Lionel O 2135060 TMCC Speeder, Halloween

If you’re looking to be more subtle in introducing Halloween to your fall railroad, this TMCC Speeder is an excellent purchase. It’s ideal as a bit of fun for visitors to your home or your children, too, as you can add it to your layout and see how long it takes people to notice!

In the real world, these small speeders were frequently seen being used by railroad maintenance crews and inspectors well into the 1990s. They were a unique sight for anyone who saw them and a great way to get essential railroad workers where they needed to be as quickly as possible.

When you buy this product, you get:

  • TMCC control using a Cab-1L or Cab2 remote
  • Powerful maintenance-free motor
  • Forward and reverse operation
  • Directional headlight and rear light
  • Traction tire
  • Die-cast metal frame
  • Blinking strobe light on the roof
  • Realistic interior cab details
  • Driver figure
  • Interior lighting

This is a must-buy if you want to add a little Halloween fun and action to your layout!

3. Atlas Master Line HO 20006954 50′ Postwar Single Door Box Car, Halloween 2022

Atlas Master Line HO 20006954 50' Postwar Single Door Box Car, Halloween 2022

Another option if you’re looking to add to an existing Halloween-inspired train set – or your existing locomotives already match the colors of Halloween, is to opt for a box car. This is an excellent cost-effective option if you’re mindful of your budget and a product that’s easy to maintain before you put it away for next year.

This Atlas box car is decked out in a radiant purple with incredible paint and print detailing, and etched metal roof walks.

One satisfied customer, who already has this product running on their railroad, William D, said: “Nice detail, metal wheels roll smoothly, coupler heights meet NMRA standards, Atlas makes a great product! This car will go great with the other Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas cars.”

4. Woodland Scenics TR1576 Value Trees, Fall Mix 2″ To 3″

Woodland Scenics TR1576 Value Trees, Fall Mix 2" To 3"

Whether you’re doing a complete fall renovation of your layout or just want to add a handful of touches before you start thinking about your winter layout, what better way than by bringing the beautiful colors of the season to your scene?

This Woodland Scenics pack gives you 23 model trees of varying heights in fall colors, with a planting pin or detachable base depending on how you wish to use them.

Your fellow railroaders love these trees! James B said: “Amazing trees! Just spread out a little, and attach base if needed. Great color and bang for your dollar.”

5. Arttista Accessories O 1565 Sasquatch

Arttista Accessories O 1565 Sasquatch

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there weren’t a scary figure or two making their way menacingly around your layout! With this stunning pewter Sasquatch figure, you have something that can stalk your railroads and leave your Halloween Express passengers wondering what it was they really saw.

Or maybe you’d prefer your Sasquatch to be on the edge of your model civilization and hanging out in one of your residents’ gardens? Whatever you go for, this is an excellent, low-budget addition to your Halloween layout.

6. Walthers Cornerstone HO 933-4151 Modern Sectional House With Garage Kit

Walthers Cornerstone HO 933-4151 Modern Sectional House With Garage Kit

Trick or treat?

If you aren’t going to have your Sasquatch hanging out ominously in the garden, you at least need somewhere your layout’s trick-or-treaters can head to fill their baskets with candy! This house and garage kit is a brilliant addition to your layout, irrespective of whether it’s for the fall or Halloween. Then, in a few weeks, when it’s time to change from the spooky season to the holiday season, you can easily add snow and swap Sasquatch for Santa Claus!

A previous buyer of this one, Paul F, told us this is “easy to assemble and customize.”

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Happy railroading…and happy Halloween!