Memorial Day 2023

Our message is basic and sincere: This Memorial Day weekend, we take time to honor those who
have given their lives for our nation and its greater mission of freedom. We take this time to solemnly
dignify the woeful yet unavoidable result of human sacrifice to preserve the value of safety and
freedom for all Americans.
Railroads were once the backbone on the home front for supporting our armed forces during global
conflict by moving troops and supplies needed to conquer our enemies. Photographers and artists
were often employed by the railroads to keep the public informed of each heroic mission. This
month, through the power of imagery, we share depictions that we believe not only reflect the
dynamics of those efforts, but also the great strength that has endured in the United States because
of the dedication of those in the armed services.
We wish all a peaceful and respectful Memorial Day weekend. Should you elect to use this time to
enjoy your model railroading hobby, we hope you consider visiting in your
search for additions to your layout. Our staff is dedicated to aid and serve your modeling needs in
every way possible so you can take pleasure in one of the most outstanding hobbies in the universe.
FAW, M B Klein, Inc