Holiday Train Sets For Under The Tree

The holidays are almost here, which means it’s time to think about buying the latest addition to your favorite model railroader’s layout and collection.

Holiday Train Sets For Under The Tree

One of the great things about shopping for model train gifts at this time of year is that there are plenty of options around holiday train sets, stock cars, and accessories that you can buy to light up someone’s face – and even your own – on Christmas morning.

In this guide, we’re focusing specifically on train sets with a holiday theme. If you’re looking for non-holiday-themed gift ideas, check out our top gift ideas.

Why Buy A Holiday Train Set?

Why not?!

If you’re buying a holiday train set for a long-time model railroader, they probably update their layout with the seasons anyway. As such, they will love having specific models they can introduce to their scenes after working on their winter update.

Many families also continue to embrace the traditional layout around the Christmas tree. So what better way to enhance the look and feel of your Christmas decor than with holiday train sets for under the tree?

Check out these five must-buys for under the tree.

1. Broadway Limited Imports N 6587 Stock Car with Holiday Sounds, Happy Holidays

While many of us automatically associate railroading with freight and passenger services, stock cars remain a vital revenue stream for many railroads today.

This stock car, modeled on a Pennsylvania Railroad design, is a great way to bring live stock sounds to your layout while embracing the holiday theme. With motion-operated sounds, adding this stock car to a layout is ideal for bringing real-life agricultural sounds into your winter scenes. It will work brilliantly if you have a farm or rural-inspired layout that you’ve transformed for winter and the holidays.

The key features of this product include:

  • Integrated motion activated sound
  • Authentic livestock sounds
  • Intensity of noises that varies with motion
  • Functions on DC and DCC layouts (no DCC control)
  • Precision paint, color, and lettering schemes

2. Broadway Limited Imports N 6586 Stock Car with Holiday Sounds, Merry Christmas

This stock car comes with the same features as the previous car but carries a different color scheme and proudly carries “Merry Christmas” messaging rather than “Happy Holidays.”

It’s an excellent choice for your model train Christmas village or even for non-festive winter scenes where you want to add a touch of that cold feeling!

3. Bachmann N 61085 Brill Trolley “Happy Holidays”

There’s something extra magical about traveling in style over the holidays, and transportation doesn’t come much more stylish than this lighted Brill Trolley.

While it comes embellished with the words HAPPY HOLIDAYS on the side, it’s discrete enough that you can use it all year round without it looking out of place. If you love customizing your trains and carriages, you might even find yourself stickering over the holiday message to make it fit other seasons throughout the year.

Even if you only use it as an addition to a winter layout, it’s still a fantastic piece to own.

4. Faller HO 130656 Holiday Home Kit

Whether you have a winter layout inspired by people wanting to get away from it all at Christmas time, or you’re inspiring someone to create a model train Christmas village, this holiday home kit instantly evokes memories of a quiet break or eating dinner in front of the fireplace as youngsters.

Add it to your winter layout with snow on the roof or a frozen pond outside to make it feel extra authentic!

5. JT’s Mega Steam O/HO HOLIDAY6 Smoke Fluid 1 Oz. Bottles, Holiday 6-Pack with Eye Dropper

Any model railroader knows the best layouts are those that provide a full-on assault on your senses.

Add an extra layer of Christmas depth to your layout and trains over the holidays by picking up this smoke fluid pack. Make your layout look, sound, and even smell like Christmas throughout the holidays with trains that pump out steam in the scent of Christmas Pine, Bayberry, Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane, or Christmas Berry.

Bonus: Lionel S 2119250 American Flyer Christmas Music Box Car

We couldn’t go through a whole collection of holiday train sets for under the tree without considering those who might want to have a musical holiday train set!

Adding this Christmas Music Box Car to your or a loved one’s collection is an ideal way to bring even more festive cheer to your layout, especially if you have sounds from your livestock cars and other sources in the background!

Check Out Our Complete Holiday Range

Although these are our five favorite holiday train sets for under the tree, don’t feel pressured to include these in your Christmas decor. Check out our full range of holiday-themed trains and accessories. We have something for railroaders of all experience levels and for every budget.

If you’re looking for non-holiday-themed gift ideas for the model railroaders in your life, head over here to filter your search by experience and budget.

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Happy Holidays!