Freight Pays The Bills

This weekend we celebrate freight transportation by rail. Sure, for at least 150 years railroad
passenger service received much attention. That network was truly impressive and was an
integral part of the American culture before 1950. But, it was true then, truer now, Freight Pays
the Bills. Historically, hauling freight was the principal objective of our earliest railroads in 1827 –
1837 and passenger service was secondary.

So now we celebrate the important role of railroad freight transportation by way of this gallery of
freight car images. The historic images are courtesy of Schaefer Equipment Company from the
very interesting publication they printed in 1964 to commemorate fifty years of service,
supported by contemporary views from various railcar builders and private collections. No
matter what train era you favor, we hope you find this pictorial narrative of interest and that you take
time to look over our comprehensive selection of freight cars of all scales.

FAW- M B Klein, Inc.