Coiled Up: The New Evans 100-Ton Coil Car from Intermountain

Coil Cars are a common sight on manifest freights across North America. In this post, we’ll be checking out the new HO Scale Evans 100-Ton example from Intermountain!

The Prototype

Until the 1960s, steel coils were generally transported either in open or covered gondola cars. This presented a problem, as there was no efficient way to load or unload these cumbersome products. The sheets of steel would frequently be damaged in the process, or even while in transit, especially when loaded onto open cars.

This all changed in the 1960s, when the Pennsylvania Railroad introduced it’s first fleet of specially designed steel coil cars. These early examples were constructed with special “pockets” built into them to allow the coils to sit upright for easier loading and unloading, however they continued to leave their cargo exposed. Subsequent examples received a removable hood to protect their loads, which proved to be a popular move. By the second half of the decade, the type had caught the attention of the Evans Products car manufacturer. Not long after, the 100-Ton Coil Car was born. Marketed to railroads across the country, the type was a resounding success, and examples remain in service to this day.

The Model

The Intermountain 100-Ton Coil Car is arguably one of the most comprehensive coil car models to date. Both round-hood and angled-hood examples have been produced, and 14 prototypical paint schemes have been replicated, reflecting both modern and historic operators of the type.

Constructed with finite accuracy, the injection molded plastic shells display all the hallmarks of the prototypes. These include fine-scale handrails, brackets, underbody components, and much more, all delicately placed with precision accuracy. A scale brake wheel is included on the car end, accessed by etched walkways which encircle the body, and scale air hoses and cut levers complete the realistic appearance.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of these models is the ability to load and unload them. Both hood types are removable, revealing an equally well-detailed interior, featuring prototypical pockets to load your scale steel coils in. Once your coils have been loaded, the hoods simply snap back into place. Due to their plastic construction, the cars are lighter than you’d expect, however all versions come with separately packaged metal weights which can be placed discretely under the hood – while still leaving plenty of room for loads.

For operation, each example comes with knuckle couplers as a standard feature, and free-rolling metal wheels allowing for smooth pulling.

All in all, Intermountain has created a stellar model in these cars. The paint schemes are sharp and vibrant, the lettering clear and crisp, and the details are top notch. Plus, with the ability to load and unload the cars, they offer an added opportunity for fun and dynamic operation on any layout!

Explore our full range of available examples of the Intermountain Evans 100-Ton Coil Car here

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