Building a Model Train Layout with MTH Trains

One of the great things about being a model railroader is the sheer range of products that are available to us. But, the most exciting thing about the current era of model railroading is that it’sModel Train on Train Track at Night never been easier to combine different brands and products to create a truly unique layout.

That being said, we all have our favorite brands or those that we enjoy adding to our collection more than others.

With that in mind, let’s look at how you can build or add to your model train layout with MTH trains products.

Who are MTH?

As well as being a fellow Maryland-based business, MTH has long been an iconic name in the model railroading space. Since 1980, MTH hasn’t just produced incredible products and built one of the broadest ranges of products of any model rail manufacturer, but they have been a leader in keeping model railroaders educated and up to date with developments in the industry.

MTH was also the first model railroad company to hold seminars to model trains and update technicians in maintaining and repairing their products. While MTH founder Mike Wolf retired last year, they are still going strong, with hundreds of products coming to our range in 2022.

Let’s explore some of the most “must-have” pieces from MTH that will help you build out your model train layout and collection.

Start with Your Track

While many model train layouts often start with a train set, there’s no hard and fast rule that this has to be the case.

By buying component track pieces, you can get a fully customized layout from day one and create whatever shape you desire. This can be particularly helpful if you’re building your model railroad in an unusual space or don’t want to settle for a relatively simple oval track. 

MTH produces a vast range of track pieces for creating a unique layout, with this four-pack of curved track pieces which is a great buy, especially if you’re expanding your model train track. Likewise, if you’re trying to get more track into a smaller space, this 90-degree crossover track section can help you do just that.

Choose your Locomotives and Rolling Stock

It’s often our locomotives and rolling stock that take pride across our layouts. Thankfully, MTH has some of the very best products in the world in that regard.

Locomotive recommendation: Canadian Pacific Imperial Diesel and Caboose Set

While the modern era of model train railroading now covers a period of over 50 years, if you’re a model railroader who loves adding the latest locomotives to your collection, you can do just that with MTH.

One of our favorite products right now is this Canadian Pacific Imperial Diesel and Caboose Set, a model of the SD70ACe locomotive that EMD hopes is going to re-establish its place as the market leader in North American locomotive sales. You don’t only get the locomotive; you also get a bay window caboose. For added realism, this locomotive comes with sounds recorded from a real-life Union Pacific SD70Ace, operating diesel exhaust smoke, and flashing ditch lights.

Check out the rest of MTH’s locomotive range here.

Rolling stock recommendation: Montana Rail Link Essential Workers Plugged Box Car

While we went 100% modern with our locomotive recommendation, we will combine something a little older with something in the here and now for our rolling stock pick.

We’ve gone for this Plugged Box Car carrying a “Thank You to All Essential Workers” message and American flag livery. The car itself is a design that was in production from 1969 to 1977 and used to carry shipments that needed protection from temperature extremes, but didn’t need refrigerating.

If you’re passionate about going out and spotting your favorite trains when not working on your model train railroad, you can still see some of these cars being pulled by freight locomotives across the country, although they’re coming to the end of their service life.

Check out the full range of MTH rolling stock here.

And Don’t Forget Your Accessories

When adding the finishing touches to your model railroad, MTH has you covered with an excellent collection of accessories, from DCC & Sound components to smoke fluid, track pads, vehicles, roads, sidewalks, and bridges.

The scented smoke fluids are a particularly brilliant touch to bring an added sense of realism to your model train layout; it’s often the small things that make the most significant difference.

Check out the full range of MTH accessories here.


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