Adding Sound to Your Model Railroad: Sound Systems and DCC

If you’re looking to take your model train layout to the next level, adding sound effects is a great way to transform your railroad and bring an added level of realism to your scene! From in-cab locomotive sounds to ambient effects and immersive surround sound setups, there’s no shortage of possibilities for adding sound to your train’s layout! 

In this article we’re exploring a few of the many sound accessory options available for adding sound to your model railroad! 

Locomotives with Onboard Sounds

Have you treated yourself to a new locomotive train recently? If so, you’ll already know that most modern model trains come with a range of optional sounds built-in. 

Typically, newer DCC equipped models will play out the sound of the train’s prime mover, horn or whistle, and bell. Many will also go further by including startup and shutdown sequences, crew radio conversations, coupling and uncoupling, dynamic braking, and even rail and flange sounds!

If your layout is set up for DCC operation, there’s nothing you’ll need to do to get these to work. Just program the locomotive and activate the sounds as desired! 

Turning Up the Bass for Your Trains

Controlling the sounds of your locomotives from your DCC system is great, but you can go even further to truly immerse yourself in the ambience of your model railroad!

If you want to replicate the full ground-shaking experience of a train running through your layout, consider a setup such as the Rolling Thunder speaker system from Broadway Limited Imports. Working alongside the sounds installed on Broadway Limited Imports locomotives, the Rolling Thunder system adds some much-needed bass to your model trains!

Requiring a receiver and a subwoofer, the system will introduce the deeper tones that can’t be replicated by the small speakers on the trains themselves, and will raise and lower the bass in accordance with the distance of the locomotive from the receiver! 

Choosing a Speaker System for Your Model Railroad

If your model train collection consists of DCC/Silent models, and you’d like to upgrade to sound, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get basic train speakers designed for model train use ranging from as little as $10!

Check out our awesome selection of speaker systems at and make sure to pair them with a compatible DCC decoder if your locomotive doesn’t already have one.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing speakers on your DCC/Silent locomotives, systems such as the Soundtraxx multi-train DCC surround sound system are a great alternative! 

Still Using Direct Current for Your Railroad?

You can still bring the world of sound to your model railroad even if you’re running analog trains using direct current (DC)!

The best way to accomplish this is with an analog sound system such as the DC Master Control Module from Broadway Limited Imports (which works with older BLI Blueline and Paragon2 models to allow you to control the built-in sounds in DC) or with Sound Cards for Kato models in HO or N scale. 

You can also buy a wide range of full DCC conversion kits which will help you to upgrade your model train collection without the need to figure out pairing decoders with speakers on your own.


Adding Ambient Sounds

While some locomotives come with ambient station or industrial sounds built-in, you can take the immersion a step further by adding your own sounds across your layout! You can control these by installing concealed speakers in strategically placed locations (such as near a factory or a waterfall) and connecting them to a device which will play the appropriate sounds. 

If you don’t want or have the budget to invest in a full speaker system for your layout, you can also:

  • Pre-record sounds that you can play when you’re running your model railroad. CDs with these are widely available to buy, or you can have some fun creating your own. 
  • Try out apps that provide model railroad sound effects. Search “model railroad sound effects” in your smartphone or tablet’s app store, and you’ll find a wide variety of options.

The Best Way to Add Sound to Your Layout

The best way to quickly and effectively add sound effects to your model railroad is to design or retrofit your layout for DCC operation. This way you can gain instant access to the wide range of controllable sounds available on our great selection of DCC/Sound models

If you’d rather run with direct current but still want to include sounds, you can incorporate some decent quality speakers into your layout for a great DIY method, or go with one of the DC sound systems we mentioned above!

Explore your sound options at today!