7 New Arrivals from Bachmann Trains

Bachmann Trains is one of our most popular model train brands here at Model Train Stuff, and with good reason!

As well as always providing us model railroaders with an array of exciting new train products, Bachmann Trains is one of the best railroading brands for finding products across various scale models.

Bachmann actually produces a train catalog every year highlighting all the incredible products available in its range.

But if reading through a catalog isn’t for you, we’ve got you covered with seven of the most exciting recent arrivals to Model Train Stuff from Bachmann Trains.

1.    Denali Express Set (HO Scale)

The Denali Express route is one of the most iconic railroad journeys you can take through Alaska, and now you can have it as part of your own HO scale layout.

This train set is an excellent addition to a growing model railroad collection or a budget-friendly starter set for a new railroader. Allow your train passengers to travel in luxury whether your own layout is modeled in homage to the Alaska railroad or is something entirely different.

Bachmann’s Denali Express Train Set in HO scale gives you:

  • An EMD GP40 diesel locomotive train with operating headlight
  • Two ultra-dome passenger cars with metal wheels and lit interiors
  • Body-mounted E-Z Mate couplers
  • 63″ x 45″ oval of snap-fit E-Z Track including 16 pieces of 22″ radius curved train track, 3 pieces of straight track, and 1 plug-in terminal rerailer
  • Power pack and speed controller
  • Illustrated instruction manual for the ready to run train set

2.    Norman Rockwell Freedom Train Set (HO Scale)

The Freedom Train is a short-lived yet hugely symbolic pillar of American railroad history, and you can now have Norman Rockwell’s iconic artwork that toured 16 cities between September 1947 and January 1949 as part of your model train collection.

As with the Denali Express Train Set, this HO scale train set is an excellent buy for a growing model train collection or a new railroader. This Bachmann train set also make an incredible gift for a patriotic beginner or experienced railroaders alike.

Bachmann Train’s Norman Rockwell Freedom Train Set in HO Scale gives you:

  • F7 diesel locomotive train with operating headlight
  • Smooth-side baggage car with metal wheels
  • Wide-vision caboose with metal wheels
  • 54″ x 45″ oval of snap-fit E-Z Track including 16 pieces of 22″ radius curved track, one piece of straight train track, and one straight terminal rerailer
  • Power pack and speed controller
  • Illustrated instruction manual for the ready-to-run train set

3.    Track Cleaning Plug Door Box Cars (N Scale)

Having rolling stock on your railroad that looks fantastic while serving a practical purpose is always welcome. If you’re an N scale model railroader and need assistance keeping your train track clean, these box cars are a must.

With Norfolk Southern and CSX railroad options, these track cleaning cars will fit seamlessly into any layout, even more so if your locomotives are from these railroads.

These N scale box cars come with:

  • Highly Detailed Painted Bodies with Precision Graphics (where applicable)
  • Blackened Machined Metal Wheels with RP25 Contours, Magnetically Operated E-Z Mate Couplers
  • Non-Magnetic Blackened Brass Axles with Needle-Point Bearings, Celcon Trucks
  • Added Weight for Optimum Tracking Performance

4.    40’ Gondola (HO Scale)

If your model railroading philosophy is to add as many things from iconic railroads as possible, CSX branding is likely already a familiar sight around your model train layout.

This HO scale 40’ Gondola is another well known railroad product from Bachmann Trains. As well as looking fantastic, you also get the added benefit of being able to add cargo of your choice to transport across your model railroad landscape.

This HO scale train’s features include:

  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Body mounted couplers
  • Non-magnetic axles

5.    Track-Powered Flashing LED Bumper (N Scale)

Realism is a characteristic of all the best model railroads. If you’re an N scale model railroader, you can take your train layout to the next level and bring your scene further to life with this flashing LED bumper. Best of all, you don’t need any technical expertise to get it to work – you simply turn the power on, and you have a working bumper!

This N Scale LED Bumper is compatible with E-Z Track.

6.    East Broad Top Freight Train Set (On30 Scale)

One popular approach among model railroaders is to build a collection around a specific era or certain times in history.

If you’re one of these railroaders and love modeling the late 19th century, this Bachmann train set is a must-buy! This On30 scale train set will work incredibly well if you’ve built or are planning to build a model train layout featuring accessories such as oil pumps or have modeled coal mines around your model scale landscape, fitting right in and taking you back to the heart of the coal mining industry in the late 1800s!

The East Broad Top Freight Train Set in On30 scale gives you:

  • 2-6-0 locomotive train with operating headlight
  • Tender with coal load
  • Tank car
  • Two-bay steel hopper
  • Caboose
  • 56″ x 38″ oval of snap-fit nickel silver E-Z Track
  • Magnetically operated E-Z Mate couplers on all cars
  • Power pack and speed controller
  • Illustrated instruction manual for setting up the freight train set

7.    Thomas and Friends Fuel Tank Cars (N Scale)

If you have a young model railroader who got a Thomas the Tank Engine train set last Christmas and is looking to build their model train collection, Bachmann Trains Thomas the Train and Friends N scale fuel tank cars are an excellent buy. They’re relatively budget-friendly, too, meaning you don’t necessarily need to wait for a special occasion to treat them!

Check out Bachmann’s Thomas and Friends fuel tank car and oil tank car.

Check out Bachmann’s full range

While these are our favorite new Bachmann Trains products, the full range is packed with incredible model train products to help you start your collection, add to your train layout, or add even more life to an already vibrant scene.

Bachmann also has an incredible volume of new products heading to Model Train Stuff throughout the rest of 2022. You can check out Bachmann’s upcoming locomotives here.

What are your favorite new Bachmann Trains products that you can’t wait to add to your collection in 2022? Remember to tag us on Instagram with photos of your railroad as soon as you have your new Bachmann products up and running!