2020: Model Railroading Year in Review

New highly anticipated products were released, and with most of us spending more time at home, many of our hobby projects that had been put off were completed or expanded, and some even used this time to discover model railroading for the very first time.

Modeling Streetcar Systems

Streetcars can be a great addition to any layout, whether featured as a major component, or as an element of interest in a larger scene. In this article, we’re going to look at the hallmarks of North American streetcar systems, and how to incorporate them into your layout.

Exclusive Preview – The Kato CN Transcontinental Set

The Prototype Following World War II, the Canadian National Railway embarked on an ambitious modernization program for it’s passenger services, purchasing a fleet of new lightweight coaches and sleeping cars for long distance routes. Although the new cars were successful, the program was never fully realized due to metal shortages following the war, and CN …

Bringing the Super Chief to Life in N Scale

There are several named trains throughout history which have transcended both the railfan and railroading world, making a lasting impression in popular culture. There’s the Orient Express; made famous by Agatha Christie’s mystery novel of the same name. The 20th Century Limited; remembered as an icon of the art deco era. And there’s the Super …