Lionel Santa Fe Super Chief LionChief Set

Thanks to Lionel, the most iconic train in North American history is back once again, just in time for this year’s holiday season!

The Prototype


Winding its way from Chicago to Los Angeles by way of Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, the Super Chief was known for its luxurious accommodations and stunning scenery. New lightweight, stainless steel passenger cars were hauled by diesel locomotives decked out in ATSF’s “Warbonnet” paint scheme, and passengers could enjoy views of valley, canyons, plains, and deserts from the comfort of the rear observation car. The train gained much of it’s fame as the primary route traveled by movie stars from Hollywood to points east, earning it the nickname “Train of the Stars”, and it soon became a symbol of North American railroading across the world. Operated by the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe from it’s launch in 1936 until 1971, the route can still be traveled today on Amtrak’s Southwest Chief!

The Model


Making its first appearance in Lionel’s O Gauge Ready-to-Run range since 2013, the Super Chief is once again ready to delight railfans of all ages. Coming with an EMD FT locomotive, two streamlined coach cars, and a rear observation car, the set replicates the thrill and magic of this iconic train.

New for 2018, the set features onboard bluetooth control, allowing for operation of speed and features from the LionChief smartphone app, while a conventional wireless LionChief remote is also included. If you’re adding to an existing layout, the set will additionally run as intended under a traditional control system.

The set comes with an oval of Lionel FasTrack, featuring eight curved O36 segments, and two 10” straight pieces. Enough track to fit comfortably around a Christmas tree, or to easily set up and take down in minutes!


Equipped with two powerful, maintenance-free motors, the locomotive adorns the stunning “Warbonnet” paint scheme, and includes durable details and components such as roof mounted horns, numberboards, operational couplers, and directional headlights. Additional features such as painted cab figures, interior lighting, and Lionel RailSounds playing out authentic motor

sounds, horn and bell effects, and announcements, help bring the model to life for hours of enjoyment from both kids and adults alike.

The passenger cars come built with the same level of durability and realism as the locomotive, featuring fully furnished interiors, diecast metal trucks, operating couplers, flexible diaphragms, and interior lighting. Completing the iconic appearance, the observation car brings up the rear with an authentically replicated Santa Fe Super Chief drumhead.

The Lionel Santa Fe Super Chief Set will no doubt provide years of fun and enjoyment for both young and old alike, and will likely rekindle memories of staring longingly at similar sets through toy store windows for those old enough to remember! For more details, visit our product page for this set, and get ready to start your adventure with the Santa Fe Super Chief!

Lionel O 6-84719 Super Chief LionChief Set, Santa Fe