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It’s Thanksgiving, which also means Black Friday is here!

The end of the year is the season for model railroading, whether you’re buying a train set as a gift for a loved one or treating yourself to a new locomotive or other rolling stock.cheap model trains for sale

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To celebrate this year’s model railroading season, we wanted to highlight some of the latest additions to our Kato Amtrak railroad range. So check them out and treat yourself or a loved one to a stylish new locomotive at a 10% reduction!

Kato N 1766036 GE P42 Genesis, Amtrak (Phase I) #161

If you’ve taken a train on an Amtrak service recently, there’s a good chance your carriage was being pulled by a Genesis locomotive, albeit likely a Phase IV or Phase V version.

This Phase I Amtrak model train is a beautiful diesel locomotive with distinct coloring and detail while maintaining enough space to add your own customizations and weathering.

The features of this Kato locomotive include:

  • Equipped with body-mounted KATO magnetic knuckle couplers
  • Directional Golden White LED headlights and illuminated preprinted numberboards
  • Powerful five-pole motor with all-wheel electrical pickup and blackened wheels
  • DCC friendly
  • Drop in DCC compatible with the Train Control Systems K0D8-A and Digitrax DN163K0A

Kato HO 376118 P42, Amtrak (Phase V Late) #180

If reading the above description has left you wanting a later phase Genesis locomotive, then this Phase V model locomotive  is a great choice.

Since model train brand Kato introduced these locomotives to their range, they have seen several physical and design revisions to make parts easier to maintain and replace, if necessary. These include a bolted-on nose panel, now made from fiberglass rather than metal, and a more rounded headlight bezel.

This locomotive also features directional headlights and tail lights on both the front and rear, meaning you can use it as a standard pulling locomotive or as a push-pull engine, depending on how you prefer to run your railroad.

This P42 Amtrak model train also has a new coreless truck motor drive, doubling the number of motors for more efficient running and higher pulling power than ever.

Kato N 1766035 GE P42 Genesis, Amtrak (Midnight Blue) #100

Sporting the same features as #161 above, this Kato diesel locomotive comes in an eye-catching midnight blue color, with “Celebrating America for 50 Years” detailing for Amtrak’s 50th anniversary in 2021. If you love customizing your locomotives, a sticker of the stars and stripes will make a great addition to this one!

This locomotive is also available in HO scale here or in HO scale with an alternative color scheme here.

Kato N 1373003 Siemens ACS-64, Amtrak #648

Is your model railroad a homage to modern American railways? If so, this electric locomotive, known countrywide as the Amtrak Cities Sprinter, is a must for your N-scale layout.

Built for Amtrak by Siemens and inspired by the EuroSprinter locomotives widely used across Europe, these trains are made entirely in the United States and operate exclusively in the Northeast and Keystone Corridors. But you can deploy them wherever you like across your layout!

As with the Phase V locomotive highlighted earlier, you can use this one as a pulling locomotive or push-pull engine as you wish.

The features of this locomotive include:

  • All new molding and detailing
  • Drop-in DCC compatibility
  • Directional lighting
  • Adjustable pantographs

Kato N 1066285-DCC Amfleet Intercity Express Set

Are you looking for a new train set rather than a single locomotive?

While one of the benefits of model railroading with Kato is that you can easily mix and match locomotives and rolling stock to design the trains you want, a complete matching set is a great gift or an ideal way to expand your model train collection further.

This Amfleet Intercity Express Set comes with Digitrax DCC ready-installed and is equipped with knuckle couplers. In the box, you get:

  • GE P42 Phase VI #150
  • Amfleet II Coach Phase VI #25101
  • Amfleet II Coach Phase VI #25035
  • Viewliner Sleeper Amtrak Ph VI #62004

One thing to note with this set is that you only get the trains, so if you’re buying as a gift for a new railroader, remember to add some track to your shopping cart before you check out!

This train set is also available without Digitrax DCC ready-installed here. However, the locomotive is still DCC compatible; but you’ll need to buy the DCC decoder separately.

Show us your new Kato Amtrak products!

Whether creating your very own Amtrak network this model railroading season or adding a stylish new locomotive to your collection, we want to see your new trains in action!

Take pictures of your new Kato trains in action and tag us on Instagram so we can pick out our favorites!

Don’t forget to use code BLACK10 when checking out to take 10% off all your Model Train Stuff purchases this Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy model railroading season!